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2019 fashion design damask woven label custom branded name wholesales garment label
2019 fashion design damask woven label custom branded name wholesales garment label
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Cotton, silk, satin
100 pieces
Widely used for Cloth, Shoes, Wallet, Handbag, Socks and so on.
End fold, center fold and so on.
Product Advantage
  • Woven labels --- are the vital finishing touch signifying quality and value.
  • Our high-quality clothing labels are the extra detail that reinforces your brand's value and excellence.
  • Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method of branding your garments, sewing, knitting, clothing, crafts, and other projects.
Application Scope
Label have many uses including providing information on a product's origin use.  Woven label may be woven into the garment or attached. It is also called main label, neck label, care label, size label, etc. Woven label always show your logo, feature, element, care instructions, etc. 
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Product Details
Woven label is divided into woven edge and cutting edge. Woven edge woven label: The process of woven edge label avoids many disadvantages of the cutting edge, but lower yield. There are also flat and satin distinction, characterized is soft. It is suitable for higher garment, such as fashion, suits, etc. Japanese manufacturers like to use this labels, and the machines are also produced by Japan. This label generally use satin material, but background color of satin is single, commonly used hot color or dyeing to solve this problem. Cutting edge woven label:  It is used dedicated high-speed machine, West German machine to produce. Like whole piece woven fabric, then follow the standard width cut into strips. Threads will stick to each other, not casual side when cut, because polyester has a heated melting characteristics. For this reason, look and feel will be affected. But if use ultrasonic cutting, it will be better.
Folding way
Straight cut – No fold. Straight cut labels are usually sewn on all 4 sides, the top, or on left and right side only. No extra charge for this type of fold. End Fold – Folded down on the left and right side. They are applied the same way as straight cut labels, but have a softer edge.  Center Fold – Folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Center fold labels can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.  Miter Fold – Ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam.  Please contact one of our sales professionals to learn more about Woven Labels with a miter fold. Manhattan Fold – Similar to a center fold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.  Special shape  -  Please let me know the design , any shape can be laser cut . 
Our team
With a focus on quality, pays great attention to the member relationship.
Our factory
*Industry and trade company *A complete production line&Integrate advanced manufacturers *one-stop procurement service:include related products,save time and money. *High procurement efficiency and communication efficiency *100% satisfactory after-sales service
Enterprise Strength
  • Guangzhou Xiang Teng Yun Apparel Co., Ltd. Is an industry and trade integrated enterprise.
  • We have our own production chain of products, integrate all the high-quality manufacturers in the Guangzhou area, expand the product ecosystem, and produce a complete set of related products for customers.
  • We truly provide one-stop procurement service to solve the problem of communicating with multiple factories for many customers.
  • Greatly improved procurement efficiency and communication efficiency, reduced procurement costs and procurement time, and solved the after-sales problem of cross-border trade.
  • Q Can you help with the design?  
    A We have professional designers to do design artwork for you according to your requirement.
  • Q May l have new sample made with my design for confirmation? 
    A Yes. We can do the high quality sample same as your design for confirmation.
  • Q What about the lead time?
    A It depends on the quantity of your order and the season you place the order. Normally 5 to 7 workdays after confirmation of design file and remittance. If you need goods urgently, we will try our best to make them first and rush them out as soon as possible.
  • Q How about the packing?
    A We can pack as per your requirements .Usually mass product will be packed by poly bay or sleeve, inner box and fit into carton.
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