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How Long Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight

How Long Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight


Nowadays, more and more people focus on their heath. And they like to keep fit and lose weight by doing some exercises in gym. But how long does exercise help you lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, it needs patience. Many people are very hard to keep doing exercise every day. Losing weight is a long way for people to go. If you keep doing exercise every day, your weight can be down,after two or three week.

At the beginning of weight losing, the muscle will increase day by day. The rate of muscle increasing is faster than calorie decreasing. It will confuse many people, but the truth is that the weight will increase at the beginning of weight losing. The muscle will increase at this time, and you should keep diet at the same time.

We should keep patience all the time. Don’t give up easily.