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How to design clothing brand

How to design clothing brand


In the fiercely competitive clothing market, there are many elements of clothing brand marketing, the most widely used and the most famous is the brand logo. The logo enables consumers to establish a good impression and trust relationship with the enterprise,which Is conducive to the promotion of enterprise status. At the same time, it promoted the enterprise's attention to the art form of trademarks and enhanced the design value of trademarks. Attention should be paid to the design of the trademark:


1. The accuracy of the expression. The logo should fully reflect the visual design language from content to form, accurately display the characteristics and enterprise, and show the personality, connotation and market positioning of the brand. The information conveyed by the logo is consistent with the consumer's association,clear, and in line with people's cognitive psychology, easy to identify.


2, Personality. The logo reveals the inherent characteristics of the brand. While strengthening the difference with other brands, it finds the attribution of the brand and reflects its style and taste. Therefore, the logo is unique, pursuing individuality and making it endless.


3. Artistry. In addition to the practical functions of accurately disseminating information, the logo must also have artistic attraction and appeal. Therefore, the shape requires beautiful and unique, with good visual impact and affinity, giving people visual pleasure and enjoyment.


4. Convenience. The logos display in different environments, different media publicity, different materials produced on the role of identification.


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