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Introduction of hang tag technology

Introduction of hang tag technology


Everyone knows that the hang tag is indispensable in the process of selling clothing, but it does not necessarily know which technology are available for the tag. Let us introduce the common technology of the tag here.


Printing has the advantages of large batch size, low price, bright color, long shelf life and fast delivery. The choice of space is large, you can print a variety of colors and patterns, the printed tag is very beautiful.


UV is to make the printed paper shiny and can effectively protect the surface of the paper. It is a kind of processing on the surface of the paper after printing. Generally, it is used on the tag because it has environmental protection costs. It is the choice of many tag buyers. The use of UV technology also makes the tag appear more layered.

3.Hot stamping

The hot stamping process does not use ink. With a certain pressure and temperature, the template and the hot stamping foil are pressed against each other in a short time by the template mounted on the hot stamping machine to transfer the graphic on the hot stamping template to the surface of the paper.

This is a common technique for upgrading the grade of the tag. It looks sparkling and is the first choice for high-end clothing.


emboss is a design that makes the surface of the tag need to be highlighted, such as logo, text, etc., make the surface of the paper has a bump, and the entire tag will be very handy.