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Let’s get dressed like Amber Heard

Let’s get dressed like Amber Heard


Aquaman was adapted by Detective Comics. It tells us a story of a boy who was born with super power. He’s the son of queen Atlantis and light keeper in America. This movie all files starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Mera is a super hero in Detective Comics. She’s the wife of Aquaman, also is the queen of Atlantis. Mera can control the shape of water. She’s beautiful and her power is in the top by comparing other super hero wife. Mera running with high speed at the roof in the movie. In order to play this character well, Amber Heard keep training for four and a half months. 

Amber Heard not only has an excellent acting, but also good at create the perfect ensemble in each fashion show. She has a feeling of old fashion. The clothes with old fashion style will suit to her. For example, black dress with fishtail can show the body perfect shape. Green printing dress is grace and it can show out the gentle femininity. Black pencil pants with white T-shirt is perfect match with each other. It’s casual and comfortable. You can match with hat, sunglasses and necklace to show out the fashion.

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