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Small tag, great effect

Small tag, great effect


A new tag will be hung on the new clothes. After the clothes are bought home, many people will cut and drop the tag directly. But do you know? This small piece of paper has many unknown uses.

1.can be used to bookmark

The tag on the clothes is harder than the average paper. It is best for bookmarks. Pick a nice tag to be a bookmark. It is very convenient when you read the book next time!

2. clean the keyboard

There is always a layer of ash on the keyboard, which is very inconvenient to clean up, especially in the gaps. At this time, the tag will come in handy. Take a pair of double-sided tape to one side of the tag and insert it into the gap of the keyboard. Dust and debris will get on the double-sided tape. headphone cable

The headphone cable is always tangled in a mess, you can use the tag to organize the headphone cable. Cut a hole at the top of the tag to accommodate the headphone cable, which looks good and doesn't mess.

4.clean the stove

If the cooktop is not cleaned frequently, it will accumulate a layer of oil on the top of it for a long time. The paper of the tag is relatively hard and brittle. The tag is drawn against the gap. The gap oil can be easily handled, and the paper is easy to stick to greasy things and easy to clean.

5.homemade earrings

The dexterous girl may wish to make earrings with the tag diy, stylish and individual, wear it absolutely eye-catching.