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The Development Of Smart Clothing

The Development Of Smart Clothing


With the development of World economy and technology, smart products have issued to the World one after another. The clothing industry has also followed the trend and design the smart clothing. The entire smart clothing industry has introduced a conceptual product to introduce the future products to the people but with didn’t put it into effect .The traditional clothing enterprise has been informed of smart costumes, actively developing a new design product, which use smart element but most or it has no practical use. However, due to factors such as brand influence, limited user group and lack of channels, it is difficult for scientific and technological enterprises to obtain sales volume. However, the most crucial issue is the fact that the intelligent clothing industry has just begun, whether technology or product is immature. It's not enough to impress consumers. Smart clothing high prices is a major factor hindering the development of the market. Smart clothes have to have enough discounts to have a place in the mass market, and it's a long time to be able to do it in the democratized fashion of smart clothes.