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The Process Of Jeans Product-Xincheng Jeans

The Process Of Jeans Product-Xincheng Jeans


More and more people would like to wear jeans in their daily life. Jeans have a strong Wear Resistance, and have various styles.Many famous super actor would like to take it as their symbol.What’s more, Jeans always show in some fashion magazines.

But do you know the process of jeans?

Each product will has their own produce process. Beginning from raw material, and then pass to next process, step by step. It will show out in our daily life after finishing all process.

1.The first process of jeans is to confirm the jeans style. The buyer should confirm what kind of jeans he would like to order. Men jeans, women jeans or jacket. And to confirm what kind of style jeans he would like to make. Skinny, loose, or other.

2.The second process is to choose the fabric. The seller should choose the suitable fabric to produce jeans by follow buyer requirement.

3.The third process is to test the fabric. In order to match the quantity of buyer requirement, the seller should test the fabric first before cutting. Because of the shrink character of jeans.

4.The fourth process is to design the mould by hard paper. The designer will make the mould by following buyer requirement. And separate it to many parts.

5.The fifth process is to cut the fabric. Designer will hand the mould to next part, and next part should follow the mould to cut the fabric piece by piece. After cutting, the next part is to sew the jeans. Each part of jeans will sew together by using sewing machine.

6.The sixth process is send to washing. It will adopt one kind of washing skill to produce the washing effect.

7.The last process is to cut the line. After sewing, the jeans product will have some line, it needs to cut off.

8.The final product can send to packaging.